World War II Jewish Treasure Found

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Nearly 400 objects have been discovered

Polish authorities have announced they have found a “Jewish treasure” dating back to World War II. Almost 400 objects were found during the renovation of a house in Lódz, in the central region of the country. It is believed that the former owners hid the items so the Nazis would not appropriate them.

Some of the finds are menorahs and hanukiahs, used in Jewish celebrations, as well as cutlery and other household items. “Just ‘wow,'” Lódz deputy mayor Adam Pustelnik said earlier this month. “A discovery like this occurs once every decade.”

According to Pustelnik, “the residents who buried these items probably thought that one day they would come back for them, that they would be able to retrieve them.” “Probably, these people lost their lives in the Holocaust,” he lamented.

“The discovery is remarkable, especially the amount,” said Agnieszka Kowalewska-Wójcik, director of a Lódz council, in an interview with the Polish press. “These are extremely valuable historical items that testify to the history of the inhabitants of this building.”

How the “Jewish Treasure” Was Found

Inspector Krzysztof Hejmanowski, from the Warbud construction company, whose team found the treasure, said the items were wrapped in newspaper and kept in a wooden box. Authorities said the recovered objects must be transferred to the Lódz Museum of Archeology.

The artifacts were found at 23 Polnocna Street, where the Litzmannstadt Ghetto was located. The Nazis had established the neighborhood in the city in February 1940, and by August 1944, the local neighborhood was home to approximately 200,000 Jews from across Europe. Most died of natural causes or in concentration camps.

Małgorzata Loeffler, an official at the Municipal Administration of Investments, said the items and their story arouse “emotion and deep reflection on the fact that we are not alone, that we have left something behind”.


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